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Micro Mouse

Though I didnt had any knowledge about microcontroller and programming in my third semister, I decided to make MicroMouse for IIT-TechFest 2008, Powai. It was a challenge for me even to clear the elemination round. When I asked my friends to accompany me they laughed and just refused saying that its not our work. But it was clear in my mind to make it. So I searched the net and found the adequate material about Micro Mouse.Taking help from one of my friend, Kushal Kapadia, I made the hardware part successfully. But due to lack of programming knowledge I could’nt complete my Mouse.
Still I am happy that atleast I prepared the hardware part successfully using 89c51 microcontroller. I will try my level best to finish the project within next six months and will definately clear atleast the elimination round in TechFest 2009.Below are few pics of my Mouse.
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